CSCNT dispersed prepregs

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) has been widely used as a material for the high-strength and lightweight structures due to very high tensile strength. But the compression strength and interlaminar share strength (ILSS) are usually much lower than the tensile strength.

This advanced carbon fiber / CSCNT /Epoxy composite is the culmination of years of research & development devoted to create the highest performances prepreg. It is also the result of numerous product iterations.



Our prepreg features improvement in compression strength and the ILSS. Using our unique technologies, we have effectively dispersed CSCNT into conventional CFRP to improve mechanical properties by approximately 30% thanks to joint development with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Main applications for this technology include sporting products such as bicycles, golf clubs, tennis rackets and fishing rods etc. With further development to increase strength and modulus, we aim to contribute to the energy field and high-speed transportation infrastructures.