NANOTECT® – Anti-corrosion paint


  • Provides lubrication to alleviate wear even in extremely abrasive environments.

  • Impact resistance to protect products from external impact. The coating is suited to even the most demanding use environments.

  • The unique grafting technology effectively blocks CNT conductivity while imparting a high level of anti-corrosion prevention to the film.

  • Resistant to heat, Nanotect® has excellent properties for a wide range of applications including drive and rotating components.

Best in class corrosion resistance:

The grafting technology of Nanotect® produces a nano-cover of insulating polymer on the surface of carbon nanotubes (CNT), effectively stopping CNT
conductivity and providing superior coating corrosion resistance. Nanotect® C provides particularly strong corrosion resistance, lasting more than 3000 hours in the salt spray test.



High-strength composite coating for high reliability applications and extreme environment


Paint for high reliability applications and extreme environnement. Pipeline, offshore drilling platform, offshore, wind turbine, etc.

The science:

Nanotect® is a high-strength compound film that uses a special grafting technology to uniformly compound high-density carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to organic polymer. This creates a surface with the reciprocal physical properties of film strength and ductility greatly amplified for the organic polymer. This improvement provides resistance to impact and shearing, protects the organic polymer against wear and provides lubrication. This grafting technology effectively blocks the conductivity of the CNTs, ensuring the film has a strong resistance to corrosion.